Whether you come to one of TSKW’s workshops as a seasoned artist or one of those people who “can’t even draw a stick figure,” the idea isn’t necessarily to walk away with a work of art in your hands – although quite often you do. We like to think the goal is to see the world differently, and more clearly, as well as picking up real skills. A watercolor class is a way to pinpoint exactly what kind of blue the ocean is, and a reading group can change what you see as you walk the streets of Old Town.

A digital photo workshop or a natural papermaking class can change your perception of the phone in your pocket or the contents of your kitchen cupboard. Trust us – whatever
direction you turn, you’ll end up somewhere new.

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Splash, Splatter, & Pour: Watercolor on the Loose with Kris Parins

January 24, 2015 - January 26, 2015
Sat-Mon, 9am-4pm

Loosen Up with Robert Burridge

February 11, 2015 - February 14, 2015
Wed - Sat, 9am-4pm

Burridge’s popular “Loosen Up” workshops nurture individual success and personal enrichment with a big emphasis on daily painting projects at your own pace. It is stress-free, but be warned; you could end up with too much enthusiasm for painting