Mon Apr 20, 7pm

Poetry Reading by the Key West Poetry Guild

The Studios is teaming up with The Key West Poetry Guild to celebrate National Poetry Month the best way we can!

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art camp 1

June 15-July 31 (register by the week)

Summer Art Camp in Partnership with Key West Art and Historical Society

Each week’s session will feature a different topic with fun and exciting insights into the arts and history of our island. Choose one or sign up for an entire month of educational adventures!

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May 15

Photojournalism with Kim Raff, AIR

There’s an art to composing images out of candid situations. Professional photojournalist Raff explains the creative process that happens before pushing the shutter button. Students hit the street to capture interesting island scenes, then reconvene for a critique where they have the “ah ha” moment of reviewing their work.

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Apr 17

Expressing Place with Lori Swartz, AIR

From painting and writing to welding and performing acrobatics, Swartz is constantly expressing ideas of “place”. Here, she combines writing and painting, encouraging students to identify a place in which they feel at home. Through writing exercises followed by painting work, these ideas will be translated into a final piece.

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Apr 14-16

Learn to Fly: Intro to Aerial Skills with Mara Neimanis

Experiment with risk, height, & gravity on trapeze and on original metal aerial sculpture. A GREAT workout!

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Apr 7-9

The Flying Body: 40 and Beyond with Mara Neimanis

Create a fuller sense of self-awareness on low flying trapezes while learning basic aerial techniques.

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Apr 12

Flying Monkeys: Aerial Skills for Kids with Mara Neimanis

In this extremely non-computer generated class, kids fly, roll, glide, and swing, while exploring specific physical skills on circus equipment. This class promotes kinesthet- ic learning, communication, play, and fun! Taught by former AIR Mara Neimanis, this session allows kids the opportunity to learn about a new art form, through physical play.

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No passport

Apr 19

No Passport Necessary in April with Lisa Esposito

Chef Lisa Esposito has travelled the world- Thailand, Bali, Mexico, Spain, Italy, Greece and Morocco-seeking new flavors and approaches to cook- ing. Over a glass of wine (or two) in the communal kitchen at The Stu- dios’ Ashe Street cottages (607 Ashe Street), she walks students through a different menu of globally inspired methods, preparations, and ingre- dients each month.

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Feb 3-May 5

Reading Key West with Nancy Klingener and Mark Hedden

More than a reading group, Nancy and Mark bring their dry humor, love of books, and deep knowledge of Key West to this popular series. Nancy is a former Miami Herald reporter and regular WLRN contributor, while Mark brings a bit of rock-and-roll to his writing about birds and mysteries.

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rooney pleinair

Apr 1-22

Plein Air with Mike Rooney

Mike Rooney teaches classroom and plein air (french for in the open air) workshops from Maine to Key West that are guaranteed to loosen up your style and transform your art. Learn to paint outside with a loose, quick and impressionistic style by learning the how to’s of composition, color and value.

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