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Feb 4-25

Dreamers and Doodlers with Jennifer Franke

Use imagination to create some amazing doodles in this introductory drawing class! Franke, an elementary art teacher at Poinciana, will help students explore line and movement each week by creating zentagles – fun designs that involve using our “zen” to tangle some lines together into a swirling masterpiece!

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May 15

Photojournalism with Kim Raff, AIR

There’s an art to composing images out of candid situations. Professional photojournalist Raff explains the creative process that happens before pushing the shutter button. Students hit the street to capture interesting island scenes, then reconvene for a critique where they have the “ah ha” moment of reviewing their work.

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Apr 17

Expressing Place with Lori Swartz, AIR

From painting and writing to welding and performing acrobatics, Swartz is constantly expressing ideas of “place”. Here, she combines writing and painting, encouraging students to identify a place in which they feel at home. Through writing exercises followed by painting work, these ideas will be translated into a final piece.

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Apr 14-16

Learn to Fly: Intro to Aerial Skills with Mara Neimanis

Experiment with risk, height, & gravity on trapeze and on original metal aerial sculpture. A GREAT workout!

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Apr 7-9

The Flying Body: 40 and Beyond with Mara Neimanis

Create a fuller sense of self-awareness on low flying trapezes while learning basic aerial techniques.

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Mar 17

Festival of Greens with Phoebe Porteous, AIR

On the greenest of holidays, take time to see one color in all its wonderful diversity. This color mixing seminar presents paint simply enough to appeal to anyone. Porteous starts with the recipes for at least 20 different tenors of green, working with artists at their own pace to experiment freely.

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Fran Forman

Mar 13-14

Photoshop: Painting with Photos with Fran Forman, AIR

Use the tools of digital media to free your imagination! Forman has work in major collections and has won awards internationally for her evocative, dreamlike photo manipulations. By recombining found, scanned, or original images, you’ll create an alternate reality and express abstract dreams, longings, and deep subconscious thoughts.

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Mar 7-May 23

Saturday Still Life with Alaina Plowdrey

Curated still life and loose instruction. Students can tap the instructor for feedback-or work at their own pace.

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Mar 6-8

Mosaics with Jenifer Strachan

Strachen’s inspirations span from the architectural wonders of Gaudi to the stacks of cast-off dishes she collects. A self-taught artist, she has honed her technical skills and unique aesthetic eye. For her first class at TSKW, she introduces students to the basics, while keeping an eye toward the fantastic.

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Mar 2-19

Intermediate Photography with Michael Marrero

Cuban American photographer Marrero will take your photography to the next level by sharing his expertise on elements such as time lapse shooting, lighting, and practical solutions to common problems. Whether your interest is in commercial work, fine art or family archives — this class will make you a better photographer.

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