Video Story

By watching our video content below, you can quickly get an idea of what we do here. These events, exhibitions, classes, and parties highlight just a bit of who we are, but showcase our mission to highlight what’s creative and special about our island.

Live the Creative Life!

Live the Creative Life gives you a glimpse of who we are and what we do at The Studios. We are a nonprofit museum and cultural organization promoting multidisciplinary arts, providing artist-in-residency opportunities for artists worldwide, and maintaining long-term studio spaces dedicated to Florida Keys artists. Through classes, performances, lectures, gallery exhibits, partnership projects, and special events, The Studios unites Pulitzer Prize-winning authors and world-renowned artists with local audiences and art practitioners at all stages of their creative careers.

Public Art—Mabel Poblet’s 50′ Sculpture

A Conversation with Founder Peyton Evans

Hugh’s View—Our Creative Space in the Sky



March 2023


Feburary 2023

The Mon Valley Medium

November 2022


Nov 2022-Mar 2023

The Pickpocket’s Daughter

May 2022


March 2022

Between Two Palms

June 2020-June 2021

Smithtown, a virtual play

Nov 2020 & Feb 2021

Old Town, New Folk

January-March 2021

Single Occupancies

January 4-5, 2020

Tribute to Wood

March 2019

One Night Stand

June 2018

Artist Studio Tours

March 2018

Undying Love

February 2018

Key West Reverie

April 2017

Garden of Eaton Gala

February 2017


William Rhodes: Quilts and Installations

April 2022

Play Ball! Celebrating Key West’s Bicentennial

March 2022

Journey into the Great Round by Marlene Koenig

March 2022

Painting/Place by Judith Murray & Robert Yasuda

February 2022

Awaken exhibition by Kristyn LaMoia

May 2021

Deborah Mitchell, Letty Nowak, Kristyn LaMoia

May 2021

Evolution by Olga Manosalvas

April 2021

Olga Manosalvas, Scott Ponemone, Kyla Piscopink

April 2021

Orisha: The Lost Saints by Michael Marrero

March 2021

Constructed Landscape by Robert Aiosa

March 2021

Aiosa, Mike Marrero, Meggi Siegert, Katlin Spain

March 2021

Esterio Segura: Drawings and Sculptures

February 2021

Esterio Segura, Jill Caldwell, Maxine Makover, McKee

February 2021

A Novel Idea by Christine Fifer

January 2021

Christine Fifer, Sally Binard, Cynthia Back, Dave Dunn

January 2021

With the Grain curated by Helen Harrison and Fran Silverman

March 2019

Convergence by Roberta Marks

February 2019

Glimpses: Inside Personal Space by Rhonda Bristol

March 2018

Without Within by Eric Anfinson

March 2018

Future Ancient by Adam Russell

April 2015


Painting Bootcamp with Rick Worth