Writing Villains and Anti-Heroes

Rachael Allen, PEAR

Friday, May 24


Heinen Design Lab

$60, $45 mbrs.

Ursula, Darth Vader, Harley Quinn, Maleficent. What is it that makes villains so fascinating? This workshop will coach writers on how to create compelling villains, anti-heroes, and antagonists. We’ll talk about our favorite villains, the qualities that make for an interesting and 3-dimensional villain, and how to determine what kind of antagonist your story needs. We’ll work on our villains until they feel fleshed out and real, and we’ll create anti-heroes that you can’t help but root for.

Themes include thinking of the villain as the main character of their own story and giving your villain a wound or past trauma or misbelief that drives them. In an effort to create an inclusive learning environment for neurodiverse learners, PEAR Rachael Allen presents this workshop in an active learning style. The group will compose lists of favorite villains and favorite villain qualities together then students work on their villain ideas in small groups, while Allen visits each group and talks to each student about their stories.

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