Between Two Palms

Between Two Palms is a livestream series of intimate conversations between award-winning art-makers from the performing, visual and literary arts and members of The Studios family. Select Wednesdays at 6PM EST join us for an hour as we explore how stage, TV & film performers, designers, writers and visual artists are keeping the creative spirit alive through these turbulent times.

Between Two Palms

Between Two Palms invites you to view a live stream conversation and Q & A with award-winning artmakers from the performing, visual and literary arts like DORIE GREENSPAN (OCT 7), TOM KITT (OCT 14), STEPHANIE BLYTHE in conversation with JACK O’BRIEN (OCT 21) and DAWN FRENCH (OCT 28) the next guests in our series.

Ghost Stories, Curses & Folklore with Aaron Sagers, AIR

Where do ghost stories come from? What is a curse? How did seances and paranormal investigations become a part of mainstream America? Sip some spooky Halloween-appropriate cocktails and bask in the candle glow of the courtyard while Artist in Residence Aaron Sagers (Travel Channel host and paranormal pop culture expert) shares his expertise on the subject.


In a small Midwestern university town a text message is sent that sets off a chain reaction altering the course of the lives of many who live in Smithtown. The play asks the question: how does technology, and the need for immediate, personal gratification on social media, undermine common sense, rationality and the rules of behavior in contemporary America?

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