Glow Hours on Hugh’s View

The Studios caps off the renovations of our home at 533 Eaton Street with a space like no other in Key West – a creative space under the skies, and a gathering spot with the best views in town. Hugh’s View sits on the roof of The Studios offering panoramic vistas across the rooftops of Old Town, from the Gulf of Mexico on one side to the Atlantic on the other. Doors open at 6pm, and close at 6:30pm or when our capacity is reached.

The Smallest Parade in the Universe 2021

The Smallest Parade in the Universe is an official Fantasy Fest event featuring workbench size parade floats that celebrate the theme of that year’s Fest. The 18″ floats are auctioned off during a mini parade down a replica of Duval street on a conveyor, complete with a “police escort” and a bobble-head grand marshal.

The Mon Valley Medium by Alec Silberblatt, PEAR

Alec Silberblatt’s one-person play tells the story of Mack, a yinzer (meaning he grew up and lives in the Mon Valley of Western PA) who always believed in ghosts. But after the local medium proves himself to be a fraud, Mack is left questioning what is true and what is perception.

Film Screening – Short Films by Brad Abrahams, PEAR

Artist in Residence Abrahams shares a selected body of film work starting with a 67-minute feature and three short films, followed by a talk and discussion. A lapsed South Floridian, Abraham is no stranger to off-kilter characters, bloody history or mysterious places—all of which make appearances in his films.

Classical Guitar at Sunset with Martina Bevis

From classical themes to her own renditions of popular songs, Martina Bevis proves that nearly every style of music can be played on a classical guitar. In her capable hands, there’s no question! Bevis, who is originally from Prague and has played since age six, has been wowing Key West audiences for years.

Unstuck as F*ck written by and starring Orlando Bishop

If Tony Robbins and Richard Pryor had a baby, that baby would have written Unstuck as F*ck, a one-man show by screenwriter Orlando Bishop. Irreverent, insightful, and inspirational, it is the story of how Orlando got out of Flatbush, Brooklyn to Yale University and then on to a life of writing, directing, and coaching.

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