Glow Hours on Hugh’s View

Monday and Tuesday evenings through April, join us at Hugh’s View where the bar is open, admission is free, and everyone looks great in the golden twilight. Hugh’s View sits on the roof of The Studios offering panoramic vistas across the rooftops of Old Town, from the Gulf of Mexico on one side to the Atlantic on the other.

The Pickpocket’s Daughter

Audiences have called The Pickpocket’s Daughter, “a first class thriller with loads of laughs.” Young Matzy Moses navigates the corruption and gang warfare of 1930’s New York to save everything she holds dear. Up against her are policemen on the take, Irish gangsters and shady politicians. But with a resilient and unconventional heroine, you can expect the unexpected.

Words Against the Whirlwind

Several poems written in the time of war by Ukrainian poets are read by Key West locals in support of Ukraine. Readings by local actors and poets including Mia Shaw, Wayne Dapser, Diana Heller, and Vicki Boguszewski. The poetry reading will feature works by some of Ukraine’s most prolific poets including: Boris Khersonsky, Lyuba Yakimchuk and Halyna Kruk.

Robert Frost Poetry Contest for Children and Teens

In celebration of National Poetry Month in April, and Robert Frost, The Studios is delighted to host the Annual Children & Teen Poetry Contest each year. National Poetry Month is a worldwide celebration that highlights poetry’s vital place in our culture. The Florida Keys have a special connection with Robert Frost, who won four Pulitzer Prizes for his poetry, and wintered many years at the garden cottage of the Heritage House in Key West.

One Night Stand

Pandemic-postponed, our typically-biannual favorite, One Night Stand returns! Since 2007, ONS has prompted creative thinkers to develop five brand new pieces of theatre from start to finish in only 24 hours. With the clock ticking, dozens of people work together at a wickedly fast pace to make the project come to fruition.

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