Photographing Key West from a Different Viewpoint

Denise Burge, PEAR

Thursday, May 23


Kat in the Hat Classroom

$75, $60 mbrs.

Photograph Key West with a different viewpoint, looking for beauty in less-picturesque spaces of the city. Denise Burge draws upon her 32 years of experience in teaching art to lead a workshop that is packed with experiential and fun learning. The afternoon begins in the classroom with some showcasing of images and writing samples to get students in the right frame of mind. The group will then proceed outdoors to spend some time photographing before meeting up at a planned location to discuss the day’s discoveries.

This experience aims to sensitize artists to the deeper beauty of eroded and overgrown form, vernacular spaces, and the beautiful effect of light on a surface as surprising as a sidewalk. Hopefully it will deepen your love of the lush beauty of the island.

sponsored by Key West Local Luxe