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  • fbmember
    June 2 - July 28

    The Members Summer Salon and Mango Madness!

    Our Summer Salon is an exhibit completely comprised of member artists, or Mango Madness, and a celebration of all things mango!
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  • feature-alaina_plowdrey-final4
    Fri Sep 23, 5 - 7PM

    Alaina Plowdrey at The Marker

    The Studios of Key West and The Marker Resort present an intimate evening with local artist Alaina Plowdrey. This event will be held at The Marker Resort, 200 William Street.
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  • Abiy web
    Opening Reception: Thu Oct 6, 6 - 8PM

    In/Visible Abiy Frew

    Sponsored by Croissants de France Classically trained as a figurative painter, Abiy T. Frew pushes the limits of representation and paint to maximize their expressive potential. Surfaces are built up and scraped down; pigment is applied in gentle washes or with aggressive strokes. In the context of a global refugee crisis, Frew’s latest series, “IN/VISIBLE” starts with the notion of chiaroscuro (“light and shadow”) and explores the personal and political dimensions of displacement, absence and belonging.
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  • Parade web
    Opening Reception: Thu Oct 6, 6 - 8PM

    Parade Lab with Katrina Brees

    Sponsored by Restorative and Esthetic Dentistry of the Keys The colors, the creativity, the costumes! Fantasy Fest ignites our island's best ideas and inspirations and brings them to life. What you don’t often see are the countless hours of behind-the-scenes creative work it takes to make the magic. This month, we’re opening a window into the process and transforming our gallery into an incubator for creative expression. New Orleans parade producer Katrina Brees oversees the fun, offering tips, tricks and design guidance along the way.
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  • stevens
    Opening Reception Thu Nov 3, 6 - 8PM

    Lucy Stevens Recent Work in the Sanger Gallery

    Sponsored by Debra Butler Design Studio With bright colors that wait for nobody, and the wild freedom of childhood drawings, Lucy Stevens’ latest series captures the jumbles of bodies congregating at one of her favorite places: the bus stop. People of all shapes, colors and sizes find themselves equal there, randomly assembled and all waiting for the same thing – to go somewhere. Stevens is a former Artist in Residence who exhibits in New York, France and Key West.
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  • easy rider
    Opening Reception Thu Nov 3, 6 - 8PM

    American Epic: Hollywood Posters in the XOJ Gallery

    Sponsored by Douglas House In time for the Key West Film Festival a private LA collector has lent these vintage first run Hollywood posters — from 1930s Busby Berkley films all the way to Easy Rider. The vivid colors and stunning graphics are as iconic as the films themselves. sponsored by Douglas House
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  • vintage-happy-birthday-cake
    Opening Reception: Thu Dec 1, 6 - 8PM

    When You Were Ten: Members’ Exhibition

    Sponsored by Royal Furniture As The Studios celebrates its TENTH birthday, we invite our artist members to cast their minds back to when they were ten themselves. Where were you, how did it feel, what did the world look like through the fresh eyes of a child? As always, the theme is optional, a springboard for your imagination. Join us for cake at the opening reception!
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