Those of us who love Key West know how lucky we are. Beyond the sun and sea, and even beyond the island’s rich history and culture, we count among our blessings the individuals in our midst who are willing to step up and help keep it that way. The Patrons and Donors on this list each committed at least $1,000 last year to help The Studios establish a new and permanent home at the heart of Key West, worthy of the artists, writers and free thinkers who came before us.



Cynthia Crossen and James Gleick
Blake Hunter
Claudia Miller
Marjorie and James Sanger




Robert Alfandre Foundation
Marian and Russell Burke
George Cooper and Judy Blume
David R. Goode Charitable Trust
Matthew Helmerich and Jeffrey Harwell
Janet Hinkle
Gordon and Meridyth McIntosh
Linda and Michael Mewshaw
Bryant and Jacqueline Pantano
Judith and Stanley Zabar




Lucy Barker and Tom Swain
Richard and Janet Charlton
Mary Jean Connors and Geoffrey Tomb
Robert and Andrea Dodds
Bill Grose and Stephen Murphy
Lynn Kaufelt
Stuart and Susan Kaufman
Rita Linder and Perry Arnold
Ken Silverman and Kate Regan
Bill and Renay Regardie
Rosi and Jeff Ware
Marguerite Whitney
Dahlia and Jonathan Woods




Margo Alexander
Dotty Love Ballantyne
Mary Ellen and Clayton Beattie
Charles and Janet Bengel
John M. Brown
Sam Brown
Tom and Kathy Cawley
Leslie and Michael Christatos
Tom and Kitty Clements
Barry Cook and Harrell Odom
Evan and Barbara Corns
Jacob Dekker and John Padget
Dana Dickinson
Brenda Donnelly
Brian Donovan and William Kirkwood
Frederick Eberstadt
Roger Emmons and Kenn Edwards
Deborah and Sid Goldman
Linda and Fred Greenberg
Mary and Richard Grusin
John and Karen Hammond
Helen and Ben Harrison
Jonathan Ingham
Tapley Johnson
Susan Henshaw Jones
Ernie and Chris Kent
Stephen Kitsakos and John DeWald
Dick and Norma Klein
Evie Evers Kling and George Kling
Pamela and Roger Kostmayer
Jay Levin and Greg Rowley
John and Karen Lockwood
Al and Barbara McConagha
Sandra and Lee McMannis
David Scott Meier
Holly Merrill
Phil Miani

Would you like to find out how you can become a Patron? Please contact Jed Dodds, Executive Director, at 305-296-0458.



Marilyn Miller and Edward Pitts
Patrice Miller
Jack Paul and Maxine Makover
Bonnie Piceu and Paul Dietz
Avis Collins Robinson and Eugene H. Robinson
Brian and Susie Savitch
Jay and Carolyn Scott
Clark and Jean Shannon
Kerry and Diane Shelby
Lynn Sherman
Fran and Rob Silverman
Deborah Ann Snelgrove
Pamella Spence and Christopher Smith
Anne and Steve Sunkel
Paula and John Tishok
Fred and Rita Troxel
Maureen Tracy Venti and Ed Venti
Marvin Weissberg
Marta and Martin White
Brian Wruble and Kathleen Bratton

The Studios of Key West