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The hit of Summer Stage returns for a third round of dueling monologues! Can the same words mean more than one thing? Twice Told Tales provides a fresh twist on a theatrical staple: the monologue. Normally relegated to the heart of a play, or a tool for auditions, monologues are rarely allowed to come out of the chorus line and stand center-stage. Until now!


How it works:

Five directors are each asked to select a monologue on any subject they like, from two to five minutes long. They should be as genderless as possible, meaning a man or woman could do them.

Five directors and ten actors are recruited to participate; each director gets one monologue and two actors. The directors work with each actor separately in rehearsal, with the only caveat that the monologue must be developed in two completely different ways… meaning interpretation or delivery or emotion or intent or all of them. The evening consists of each monologue, delivered in its dual iterations, back to back.

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