Jean Pederson

Zabar Project Gallery



Pederson presents an intimate showcase of recent portraits depicting people who have impacted her path—either for a moment or a lifetime, and from all walks of life. Her masterful watercolor, oil and mixed media paintings have been exhibited and collected from China to Mexico, and even hold court in the Royal Collection in Windsor, UK.

sponsored by Bistro 245 at Margaritaville Resort & Marina

“Pederson combines an innate talent as a draughtsperson that recall such historical masters such as Sargent and Cassat and contemporary artists such as Jenny Saville and Erica Fischl; with a sensitivity of touch and personal connection to her subject that goes beyond her dazzling technical facility. Her abilities to employ different materials, scale and processes in her work are the evidence of an artist always taking risks, searching for that connection, that one “true” moment between herself, her subject and you the viewer. The openness, immediacy and sensitivity of her hand while simultaneously rendering a likeness creates complex fluid personages that reflect the emotional and psychological complexity common to each of us, flawed, compassionate, vulnerable and that which makes us most human.”

 — Michael David, Owner & Artistic Director/Curator, M. David & Co.