Membership at The Studios

Look around at the next concert, workshop or art opening and you’ll see Studios’ members all around you. They consist of artists and arts lovers both, folks who understand that a healthy creative community is at the heart of the island they love… and who don’t mind getting a good deal along the way! We’ve expanded our member benefits, with $5 off of each concert or performance plus even more substantial discounts for workshops. Our goal is to increase our membership by 25%, so climb aboard!

Member Levels

  • $50 – Individual
  • $100 – Household
  • $250 – Creative Partner
  • $500 – Sustaining Partner

Patron Levels

  • $1,250
  • $2,500
  • $5,000
  • $7,500
  • $10,000
  • Discounts on classes, events, and just about everything we offer
  • 2 members’ exhibitions per year, plus other opportunities for artists
  • Advance notice of upcoming programs
  • Tax deductible

The generous individuals who contribute at least $1,250 to The Studios’ annual campaign are not just investing in the future of the arts in Key West. They are joining a tight knit group of leaders, thinkers and friends. The true wealth in our community stems from this social fabric, and making it stronger is part of our mission.

  • Patron Preview Receptions on First Thursdays
  • Exclusive opportunities to meet visiting artists
  • Annual “State of The Studios” Patron Event – this year on Sun Jan 29!
  • $25 off Gala tickets
  • 4 free tickets to any concert or performance
  • All other membership benefits

Patrons contributing $2,500 or more receive a Golden Ticket that can be used all year long, as many times as you like – good for two free tickets to any concert or performance we produce, 50% off all workshops, and to waive all entry fees!

The Studios of Key West