TOGETHER AGAIN, Cindy Wynn & Susan Sugar

Angular steel and open horizons complement each other in surprising ways in this pairing of well-regarded Key West artists. Wynn utilizes welding, torch-cutting and grinding to create her signature works. For her, the quest to acquire scrap metal (she’s acquired over 100,000 lbs in 10 years of collecting) and the process of learning new (and very physical) machine techniques are driving forces to create. Sugar captures Key West’s tumultuous summer skies, painting on site in watercolor at dawn and dusk.Later she transforms her collection of delicate watercolors into large oils in her studio.For 14 years she has focused on the sea and sky off the coast of Key West, capturing moments and the poetry of place. With a background in dance and architecture, she interprets life in terms of rhythm, space, and light.

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Gallery Hours:

Tue – Sat

10AM – 4PM


533 Eaton Street