Vintage diner sign graphic that says "THE DINNER PARTY" on a black and white checkered background with two vintage-style drawings of women.

The Dinner Party

An Immersive Performance Party
written and directed by Chantal Pavageaux

Chantal Pavageaux’s The Dinner Party offers a deliciously tart take on the intersections of women’s experiences, art, fame, trust, truth and…dinner theater. The meta, campy play-within-a-play pulls inspirations from wildly flung sources ranging from 80s sitcoms to Scorcese films to the performance art of Karen Finley and Judy Chicago. To call it an event would be an understatement.

The Experience:
As the audience enters, they are welcomed by “Meme Zeitgeist,” once the biggest star in the world. The audience learns that Meme is presenting a play with dinner, a play that tells the story of her rise to stardom with “The Dinner Party.” The group began when the three members, all named Alice, were waitresses at a tiny diner. Truths are revealed. Chaos ensues. It is funny, fabulous, and fantastical.

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$110 front row, $70, $55 mbrs. (discounted price will show upon login)

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