Small Works Shows Curated by Lemonade Stand Gallery

The Lemonade Stand Gallery’s Annual Small Works Show started in 2005 and since then has exhibited artists from around the globe.

The only requirement is that the finished work is under 10 inches in any direction including the frame.  All media is considered as long it is original – this includes photography. A selected jury determines which pieces get chosen for this year’s exhibit. Artists have the opportunity to enter up to three pieces.

Q. Do I ship my work to you once I’ve entered online?

A. No, you have to wait to see if your work(s) are accepted.  If it is accepted, you will ship it/them upon your acceptance letter.


Q. Where do I ship my work?

A. Once notified of acceptance, you will ship your work to the gallery.  We will provide you with thorough details in your acceptance email.


Q. Can I just send you my pieces and you can enter them for me?

A. Sorry, we cannot do this, you must enter online at


Q. C’mon, you know me, can I just leave my pieces on your desk?

A. No.  Sorry.  We judge all work on line via Call for Entry so it is consistent. 


Q. I don’t want to set up an account with Call for Entry, can I just send you an email with my info and submissions?

A. No, please see above.  Also, Call for Entry is a super useful tool for artists.  You can apply to different exhibits all over the world from it once your account is set up and your work is uploaded.


Q. I’ve never used Call for Entry before.  Can you help?

A. There is a great support line for them and it is:  888-562-7232


Q. What mail service should I use to ship my piece to you if accepted?

A. USPS, FEDEX, or UPS.  It’s a good idea to purchase the insurance for your work as sometimes accidents (rarely!) happen in the mailing process.

Q. I live in outside of the US.  Can I enter?

A. Yes.  Just use the customs forms available from your mailing address.

Q. My piece is just over 10 inches.  Can I still enter it?

A. No, sorry.  The requirement is 10 inches or less in any direction – including the frame. We have to ship back work that is over 10 inches and unfortunately it will be disqualified.

Q. My frame measures over 10 inches but the piece inside is 10 inches or under, will you accept it?

A. No, please see above.

Q. How will you ship my piece back to me if it does not sell?

A. Great Question!  We will ship it back in the original packaging with the return postage label you provide.

Q. Can I send you return postage later?

A. No. Please send return postage with your piece, it makes it a lot easier to keep track of all of your packaging and postage in the same place.

Q. I’m not sure how to price my artwork, can you help me with that?

A. Of course.  We will help you determine a fair price for your piece.

Q. I don’t want to sell my piece, I just want to have it in the show.

A. All work must be for sale.


Q.  Can I pay the entry fee only after my work is accepted?

A.  No, you must pay the entry fee upfront of $12.00 per entry.

Q. I live outside of Key West, can I come to the opening?

A. Yes!  We would love to have you.  The exhibit is open to the public.


Q.  Can I direct my questions to the Studios of Key West?

A.  No.  Please direct any questions to



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