WOMAN, Simone Lasswell & Janet Mueller

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Lasswell’s ceramic torsos and Mueller’s semi-abstract paintings and mixed media sculptures serve as a dual meditation on spirituality, sensuality and the feminine. Mueller’s vibrant colors feels like they’re drawn from natural pigments, and her surfaces impacted by elemental forces: water, air, heat and gravity. Lasswell’s sculptures reveal a dancer’s awareness of her body in all of its earthy physicality.

Janet Mueller

Janet Mueller is a painter of abstract images that relay messages through symbolism. Her 3-dimensional sculptures are made with paper clay and objects with a previous identity. Beauty, form, movement and light work together to create a new story and an intriguing perspective.

In this exhibition, Janet explores what it means to be a woman.


Simone Lasswell

Coming from a background of dance, clay reconnects me to the centering process.  I search for the fluidity and movement of body, mind and spirit in the sensual elements of water, earth and fire. This exhibition is about that connection as a woman on this earth, in this society, in these challenging times.

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