"La Chicharra Story Slam" written above a watercolor illustration of a cicada in blues, browns and greens.


La Chicharra (The Cicada)

A Story Slam

Theme: "The Moment When..."

La Cucaracha Chronicles returns with the fourth edition of La Chicharra (The Cicada) Story Slam. This live storytelling features a line up of Key West locals, each with a chance to tell a story, based on the theme “The Moment When…” Stories must be told and not read.

The Storytellers:

  • Joanie Sullivan—Has been cast and/or crew at all Key West theaters and Comedy Key West. Loves to sing, even if people don’t want to hear.
  • Joanne Martin—Self-proclaimed misanthrope who hails from Boston but has been in Key West for 16 years now. Only likes dogs and food.
  • Marcus Vaner—”From cassettes to the cloud. The evolution of information and the technological future most people don’t know is coming.”
  • Jessica Patton Pellegrino—Retired half a lifetime ago, but has worked as a writer and editor in publishing, marketing and research ever since. Forthcoming memoir on widowhood.
  • Chester Sparks—Fourth generation Texan who got here as soon as he could (10 years ago). Recently widowed, says animals, and most people, love him.
  • Erin Stover—Artistic Director at The Studios. When she’s not booking program offerings for this creative community, she can be found traveling, coaching Special Olympics SUP, suffering through marathon training or maybe just eating some nachos.
  • Katie Besu—Cuban American born and raised in Miami. Also Tony’s niece.

Hosted by GWEN FILOSA, aka Mr. 305, southernmost news reporter for WLRN, dog watcher/walker and Pulitzer-prize winning journalist.


$60, $75 VIP (a portion of the proceeds benefit Key West P.A.L.)

Gallery and box office hours

Tue-Sun, 10am-4pm

Call us at 305-296-0458

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