Conceptualized and curated by
Rita Troxel / Featuring a variety of artists and stories

Zabar Lobby Gallery

photos: Jamie Alcroft

Key West, an island steeped in mystery and movement, tradition and transformation, has no shortage of tales to tell. One particular era—the 1960s, 70s, and 80s—in the community’s storied past, defined Key West as a true artist’s outpost and muse to many. The forthcoming book by Rita Troxel, Home at the End of the World, is a collection of nonfiction, first-person excerpts, stories and photos from this golden time of Cayo creativity. In April, the walls of the Studios will showcase enlarged photos from the book with accompanying stories. With pieces contributed from a breadth of voices, from first-time writers to published book authors and journalists, the collection captures the salty, sweet and sublime stories of a moment in time.

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The Studios of Key West