Updated April 28, 2022.

Mask Policy

Masks are strongly encouraged but not required for those visiting the galleries, bookstore or box office, or for meetings at The Studios. Masks are also not required in our outdoor spaces.

Masks are required at indoor performances and workshops at The Studios. Masks are available at the bookstore and box office, if you forget yours. Please note, performers may be unmasked while performing, and instructors may unmask while speaking from the front of the room.

General Safety Protocols

Physical distancing (6’ between individuals who don’t live together) is encouraged. Hand sanitizer stations are available upon entering and on each floor.

Testing/Vaccine Policy

For ticketed programs taking place indoors at The Studios, proof of a negative Covid PCR test taken within 72 hour, a rapid antigen test taken within 24 hours, or proof of Covid vaccination must be shown upon arrival. This includes indoor concerts, plays, workshops with ticketed entry.

Proof of a negative test or vaccine are not required for programs taking place outdoors (including events on the roof that require you to pass through the building) or First Thursday art openings.

Proof of a negative test or vaccine are also not required simply to visit the galleries, bookstore or box office, or for meetings.

Staff, Artists and Instructors: Testing/Vaccine Policies

  • Full vaccination required for all staff of The Studios.
  • Full vaccination required for all cast and crew of plays produced by The Studios.
  • Testing/Vaccine policy applies to visiting performers and instructors (i.e. required if indoors).

Rental Events: Testing/Vaccine Policies

  • Testing/Vaccine policy applies to “public rentals” – where an outside group uses our venue, but the event is open to the public. (i.e. required if indoors).
  • Testing/Vaccine policy does not apply to “private rentals” – where an outside group uses our venue, but the event is by invitation only. The mask policy, however, does apply.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: If I’m vaccinated, what do I need to show as proof? 

A: The simplest solution is just to show your CDC Vaccination Card. A photo of your Card, ready to view on your phone, is fine too. Either way, you’ll also need a State or Federal issued ID matching the name on your card.

(Here’s a good roundup of apps and strategies if you don’t want to carry your card. You can also have a copy made and laminated – but don’t laminate the original!).

Q: What if I’ve just been vaccinated recently?

A: Full vaccination (i.e. the 2nd dose, if it’s a 2-dose series) must have been completed at least 14 days prior. 

Q: But don’t you know me? I just showed you my card last week!

A: Help us out here, and have your Card and ID ready every time. It’s hard for us to remember everyone, and anyway it looks bad to the person behind you if we just wave you through.

Q: I’m not fully vaccinated, but have been tested recently. What do I need to show as proof?

A: You can bring a printout, copy or photo on your phone of test results from a lab with confirmation of negative results, including date, time and name matching your ID. Tests can be either COVID-19 PCR tests taken no more than 3 days prior, or COVID-19 rapid antigen tests taken no more than 1 day prior.

Q: Can I provide a home test? What other kinds of tests are NOT accepted?

A: We do not accept home tests; the test must have been done in a lab. Antibody tests are also not accepted. 

Q: Will The Studios be making copies or keeping records of any documentation?

A: No. Our staff will review the documentation you provide, but will not keep records or copies of your documentation.

Q: I didn’t know about the policy, or I forgot my documentation. Can I get my money back?

A: Unfortunately, no. The requirement for documentation of a negative test or vaccine is listed clearly on the webpage for each ticketed program, and reiterated in your email confirmation. 

Refunds are available for anyone who submits confirmation of a positive test result in the 10-day period prior to the performance.

Q: My child is under 12. Will they be admitted without a test or vaccine? 

A: Yes. Children under 12 do not need to show proof of a negative COVID-19 test or vaccine. However, ALL guests ages 2 and older must wear a mask indoors at all times.

Q: What if I have a medical concern or disability that precludes me from wearing a mask? 

A: Guests with accessibility questions or who require additional assistance related to The Studios’ COVID-19 policies may call 305-296-0458 or email 

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