Six characters standing in a row with scary masks. One in the middle is vintage Christkindl santa in white holding a tall walking stick.
Sepia tone image of a creepy Santa and young girl riding a donkey.

Scary Ghost Stories: A History of the Holiday’s Spooky Tradition with Aaron Sagers

Former Artist in Residence, Travel Channel/Discovery+ host, host of Netflix’s “28 Days Haunted,” and paranormal historian and journalist Aaron Sagers explores the spookier side of the season.

Long before Ebenezer Scrooge changed his ways on the holiday in 1843 — and 143 years before Andy Williams first sang about the most wonderful time of the year — Christmas had already been established as the season for telling scary ghost stories. Even before it was “Christmas,” it was midwinter, solstice, Saturnalia, Sol Invictus, and Yule. It was the longest night of the year in the Northern Hemisphere. It represented death, and rebirth, and was a time when the veil between worlds was thin. And it is also a time of monsters, witches, goblins, and one horned Anti-Claus. Sorry Halloween, Christmas is THE season for spooky greetings.

An award-winning media personality and travel expert, Aaron Sagers is a TV & on-camera host, producer, journalist, and author on a lifelong mission to make cross-cultural connections across the globe. Sagers is best known for his expertise as a Paranormal Journalist, Paranormal Pop Culture historian, and “nerd culture” expert.


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