On Display June 1 - 29 in the Sanger & XOJ Galleries

5th Annual Mango Madness Members Show

Every summer, we celebrate the slowing down and the heating up with a special Members Show and party. In its 5th year, Mango Madness welcomes paintings, sculptures and assorted art objects that capture the color of Key West (or simply what our talented members are up to lately). Join us for one of Perry Arnold’s famous mango margaritas while checking out the latest works from our family of artists.

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On Display May 4 - 25 in the XOJ Gallery

Nocturnal: Photography by Mark Hedden

Writer, photographer and Studio Artist Mark Hedden has been looking at Key West in a new light – the flip side of the intense sun and sultry colors for which we’re known. In his first solo exhibition at The Studios new home, he presents nighttime photographs of Key West and beyond.

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On Display May 4 - 25 in the Sanger Gallery

The Fabric of Soul: Avis Collins Robinson

Avis Collins Robinson’s new paintings and quilts portray the richness of African American life and the deep, layered meanings of a simple word: soul. Her portraits are more than beautifully rendered likenesses; they invite the viewer to look deep and experience our common humanity. Her quilts, too, are imbued not just with striking color and form but with history and emotion. They tell stories of freedom and funk, of spirit and solidarity.

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On Display April 6 - 27 in the Sanger Gallery

Mabel Poblet, Lisandra Ramirez and The-Merger

Mabel Poblet and Lisandra Ramirez are rising stars of a new generation of Cuban artists, friends from the famed Institute of Art who recently reunited for an exhibition at the Art Museum of the Americas in Washington, DC. They’re joined here by pioneers of the previous generation, The-Merger, whose gleaming sculptures and playful collaborations set the tone for much of Cuba’s white hot art scene.

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On Display Apr 6 - 25 in the XOJ Gallery

Margo Ellis

A forty-year quilter and fabric arts innovator – and regular Studios instructor – Margo Ellis presents her latest textile works. Ellis draws inspiration from nature, photography, and the materials themselves, allowing dye, fabric and thread to spin into ornate yet whimsical creations.

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On display Mar 2 - 30 in the XOJ Gallery

Conchtown: Pam Hobbs & Maggie Ruley

Pam Hobbs or Maggie Ruley are quintessential Key West artists: Hobbs with bold colors, black outlines, and a woozy perspective; and Ruley with soft seascapes that make you feel like a green flash could appear any moment. Seen together, the good friends capture just about everything we love about this place.

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On display Mar 2 -30

Together Again Earth and Sky: Cindy Wynn and Susan Sugar

Angular steel and open horizons complement each other in surprising ways in this pairing of well-regarded Key West artists. Wynn utilizes welding, torch-cutting and grinding to create her signature works. For her, the quest to acquire scrap metal and the process of learning new machine techniques are driving forces to create. Sugar captures Key West’s tumultuous summer skies, painting on site in watercolor at dawn and dusk. Later she transforms her collection of delicate watercolors into large oils in her studio.

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On Display Feb 2 - 24

Fish Outta Water: Sean Callahan & Garin Wolf

Key West watercolor artist Sean Callahan and 4-time Emmy Award winning writer Garin Wolf join forces for a unique assemblage of images and words. Fish Outta Water is a Southernmost tale of a haunted woman cast adrift by a tortured past, a decades-old story of deception and murder unraveled character by character at a most unconventional cocktail party. Callahan’s surreal portraits capture the story’s characters, while Wolf’s written excerpts provide clues to the mystery.

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On display Feb 2 - Feb 24

Lost and Found: Cathy Rose

Twenty years ago, porcelain artist Cathy Rose left teaching to pursue her art full time. Thousands of clay figures later, she has built an impressive and sought-after body of work, manipulating her delicate material into faces and bodies that are adorned with found material and imbued with uncanny personality.

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On view Jan 5 - 26

Artists for Artists: A Retrospective of Anne McKee Grant Recipients

Since 1994, The Anne McKee Artists Fund has been the only grant program of its kind for Keys artists. Not only has it had an immeasurable impact on an entire generation, the artists who’ve benefited – and who are assembled for this retrospective – is a who’s who of creative people who’ve shaped our community.

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