Alternating Currents

John Black

Opens Thu Apr 4, 6-8pm

On view April 4-25, 2024

Sanger Gallery

ALTERNATING CURRENTS is a new series of artworks by New York artist John Black. The work centers around communication, color theory, technique, and textures. These themes are what John identifies with, aiming to relay emotion and emphasize his heritage.

The focus of color theory holds a pivotal role in John Black’s work. He believes that each color carries its own emotional essence, and by combining certain colors, a new, layered emotion can be achieved. To him, these color properties resemble an aura that can articulate feelings and intentions.

Though John Black acknowledges that his palette may be unconventional, it is not entirely divergent. The works from the ALTERNATING CURRENTS series are rooted in a simple basic color variation. The colors primarily consist of darker tones with vibrant, eye-catching hues subtly emerging. The concept behind this approach is that as one moves further from the work’s surface, the colors intensify. This symbolism is metaphorical, reflecting how New York City exhibits a harmonious blend of colors, particularly in the winter months during which the works were created. The burst of color signifies the anticipation of spring on the horizon.

Image: “ABERRATION OF LIGHT” (acrylic and spray paint on canvas, 84” x 60”)

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