Quintet of male musicians in suits taken from ankle-height looking up.

FRI APR 28, 2023, 8PM/EVENT

Cortadito in Concert

Cortadito is a Cuban folk & country music band from Miami connecting the past and present to bring you the future of Cuban Son, a style of Afro-Cuban music that forms the bedrock for most forms of salsa music and Latin jazz.

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Painting of a root system reaching out above ground.


As Above So Below with Fiona Morehouse

This plein air workshop focuses on the rich historical and biological life of the Kapok Tree utilizing a variety of drawing and painting techniques, to get up close and personal to this majestic Key West icon.

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Glow Hours on Hugh’s View

Our Hugh’s View roof terrace offers the best views in town, and an ideal spot to catch the sunset and a drink with friends. The bar is open, admission is free, and everyone looks great in the golden twilight.

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