Caitlin Albritton

XOJ Gallery



This exhibition is a comment on “the gym propaganda that has the effect of creating anxiety around our own vessels being unprepared for summer. I feel that these works are especially good to place in tropical paradise because typically people come to Key West to relax, and my works create a wedge into relaxation, making us think of all of the work that isn’t done.”

Culled from her ongoing Gym Series, Albritton’s colorful, awkward, and very funny paintings ultimately offer a profound commentary on the lengths people will go to in search of the perfect body.

sponsored by The Artist House

“To me, the gym is a place where everyday antics and behaviors are amplified in a stage-like environment where there is a hyperawareness of our bodies in a public space. Exploring the politics of looking through both male and female gazes, I’m interested in exemplifying the strangeness of the body, and the peculiarity of certain gym exercises and the awkward, compromising, sometimes sexual positions they put people in.

My works hinge on the contradiction that I am an active participant of #gymlife, while also questioning its variables. By telling gym stories through serious yet comically empathetic visual narratives, my work is meant to bring up conversation about gender issues, body politics and trends, competition, the machinic-like work we do, and the propaganda of progress in other spheres of our lives.

On a deeper level, I’m concerned with the idea of physical workload that reflects a contemporary society that is overworked. There’s an old gym motto, “Work until failure,” that seems to ascribe the self as a machine. When we ask a stranger, “What do you do?,” we seek to validate ourselves through our productivity. Our bodies and minds try to keep up with an unattainable machinic sensibility, but tend to fail miserably.”

-Caitlin Albritton

The Studios of Key West