CONCERT, Antilles Music Ensemble

Sponsored by Charles F. Troxel, DDS Restorative & Esthetic Dentistry

Seven or eight musicians strong, the Antilles Music Ensemble charts a course through early 20th century Caribbean dance music, with an eye toward the islands, an ear for French Creole rhythms and a scholar’s appreciation for the earliest forms of Jazz. We challenge you to stay in your seats for this one!

The brainchild of guitarist and student of Caribbean musical-styles Jose Elias, (Spam Allstars), the Antilles Music Ensemble showcases music from Martinique, Jamaica, Cuba, Haiti, Trinidad, and more. His talented collaborators join him on clarinet, sousaphone, congas, Cuban Tres guitar, steel drums, banjo and more.

Exploring both the diversity and commonality of Caribbean dance music, the Antilles Music Ensemble brings to life a score of traditional songs that have long inspired people the world over. From a Son Montuno to a Sucu Sucu, from Compa to Mento, from a Beguine to a Calypso, the many flavors of the Caribbean come alive when the Antilles Music Ensemble takes the stage!

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Ticket Price:

$38/30 mbrs

$55 VIP


Thu Mar 30, 8PM


533 Eaton Street