Writing From True Stories

Dionne Irving, PEAR

Monday & Tuesday, September 9 & 10


Heinen Design Lab

$80, $65 mbrs.

Does everyone have a story to tell? Where do stories come from? What makes something a memoir instead of a work of fiction? The phrase, “based on a true story,” can help a movie sell, but the phrase can also be a source of inspiration for powerful novels and stories. Our lived experiences and those of our families and friends can be the sources of excellent fiction, but how do we make the leap from the actual world to the imagined world? As we take the facts of life and use them to create fictional lives in novels and short stories, the form moves – evolves. In this workshop, we will learn to use the craft tools of fiction to turn the dramas of daily life into fictional dramas that are compelling and engaging. We will consider how memoir influences autofiction and the ways in which a kernel of truth can take us into a fully imagined world.

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