WITH THE GRAIN: Contemporary Approaches to Wood Art

A Program of the Tom Majors Tribute to Wood

Sanger Gallery

sponsored by Royal Furniture



Tom Majors Tribute to Wood

With the Grain assembles some of the nation’s most accomplished wood artists in dialog with local artists who are equally invested in the medium’s expressive potential. What is unique about wood as a material for making art, of course, is that it was once a living thing. In their various ways, the artists here all honor that connection, by working in concert with the wood’s specific properties, shaping it, and giving it new life as something that speaks to the viewer. At a time when our natural environment is threatened as never before, the exhibition gives voice to, and hope for, a more harmonious relationship to the world around us.

With the Grain is curated by Helen Harrison, a wood artist and owner of Harrison Gallery in Key West, with Assistant Curator Fran Silverman, former Director of the Collection Sharing Program at Harvard’s Peabody Museum.

The Tom Majors Tribute to Wood is a month-long, island-wide celebration of the creative potential of wood. It is coordinated by The Studios of Key West, in partnership with artists and organizations throughout Key West.

Image: Mark Lindquist, Dowel Bowl