Tearing Out My Hair

by Moriah Joy

Friday, March 15, 8pm

Helmerich Theater

$25, $20 mbrs.

Moriah Joy, the up-and-coming creative powerhouse, is set to take audiences on a wild ride with her electrifying series of monologues in Tearing Out My Hair (and other ways to deal with life).” This comedic work-in-progress show offers a peek behind the closed doors of nine customer service workers as they navigate the unseen stress and challenges of their jobs.

From outrageous encounters with demanding customers to the hilarious antics they employ to keep their sanity intact, Moriah Joy paints a vivid and relatable picture of life in the service industry trenches. Anyone who has ever donned a uniform or punched a time clock will find themselves nodding in recognition and laughing in solidarity!

sponsored by JAG Gallery

photo by J Stubbs Photography


Quinn/Bailey: Tara Pandiscia

Roger/Matt: Sean Thompson

Kia/Laila: Mariah Woessner

Sam: Donna Stabile

Regina: Chantal Pavageaux

Charlie: Jessica Newman