La Cucaracha Chronicles presents

Smugglers’ Tales

Hugh’s View & Helmerich Theater

Modern-day pirates gather ‘round a bottle of rum for “Smuggler’s Tales” presented by La Cucaracha Chronicles, an evening of interesting and raw storytelling by the smugglers themselves! Have you heard about the infamous “Big Pine 29” drug bust of 1980? Do you want know how many people were really involved in that off-load operation?

Hear the tales of their adventures, fear, euphoria and heartaches from those wild Key West days with no Navy, no tourists and NO MONEY! Relive the feelings of running through the jungle in Colombia, Coast Guard planes finding your loaded boat, having to run the US1 blockade in 1982, dumping bales in shallow Cuban waters… and the outrageous paydays that lead to trading in a rusty old bicycle for a Porsche 911.

Creative/scenic design by Michael Marrero


This event is SOLD OUT. You may join the waitlist at the buttons below to be notified if any additional tickets become available.

Cocktails on Hugh’s View. Lubricate yourselves with rum, you’ll need it!

Listen to their tales in the Helmerich Theater.

Captain Gomez will be signing copies of his book. The others will remain anonymous.

Gallery and box office hours

Tue-Sat, 10am-4pm

Call us at 305-296-0458

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