Smugglers’ Tales: Both Sides

presented by La Cucaracha Chronicles

Friday, April 12, 7pm (bar opens at 6pm)

Helmerich Theater

$300 VIP table for four, $45 general admission

Richie Gomez, Mike Ferrell, Tony “Fat” Yaniz,  Juan Llera, Abe Conn

Creative consultant: Michael Marrero

Producers: Rebecca Balcer & Tony “Fat” Yaniz

Smuggling stories from the mouths of modern-day pirates. For years, many of us sat around our living rooms or backyards recounting the tales of our necessary and courageous adventures – the fear, the euphoria, and the heartaches.

Last time, we let you live vicariously through our tales of breathlessly running through the jungle in Colombia with the FARC on our tails, the fear of the Coast Guard Planes finding our loaded boat as we traversed the Yucatan Peninsula, and running the US1 blockade when Customs shut down the road in 1982. Audiences were mesmerized listening to those moments and you sensed the euphoria of the sometimes outrageous paydays.

This year, two retired seasoned DEA agents will also be joining us! This is your chance to eavesdrop while the smugglers and agents recount the tales over a game of dominoes and plenty of rum in a typical backyard set up with clip on mics.

This production is in honor of Nelson “Ping-Ping” Jamardo. King of the Marijuana Smugglers. RIP. 1/5/1939-10/20/2023

a portion of the proceeds benefits a local nonprofit, TBA!

*Please note: When purchasing a VIP table, it will be reserved under your name for you and up to three guests.