Single Occupancies, Three Contemporary Opera Theatre Monologues

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(watercolor painting by Michele Byrne)

Directed by Murphy Davis

The presentation of two World Premieres and one Regional Premiere of three contemporary one-act opera theatre monologues performed over a single evening, “Single Occupancies” proves that opera is just as powerful, funny, emotional and relevant as ever. The first of the operas depicts a young man with obsessive compulsive disorder, and an absurd encounter with a Manhattan dog walker that triggers his grief over the recent loss of his dog. The second is a conversation between an international socialite, accused of a crime, being interviewed by an unseen journalist that blurs the lines between fact and fiction. And the third, with a libretto by Pulitzer-winner Mark Campbell, whose Stonewall just opened the New York City Opera’s season, depicts an artist who has assisted in the suicide of her friend dying of AIDS as she paints a canvas awaiting the inevitable in the “other room”. Contemporary opera is a genre enjoying a resurgence nationally. “Single Occupancies” justifies the popularity with a production by top-notch performers, telling stories that are fresh and relevant. Each opera is unified by setting, theme and texture.

The evening features a libretto and presentation by Mark Campbell, perhaps the most prolific and well-known librettist of new American opera.

An Incident in Sutton Square, Music by Martin Hennessy, Libretto by Stephen Kitsakos.
World Premiere. Danny, a young man afflicted with arithmomania, a type of obsessive compulsive disorder, grieving the recent loss of his beloved dog, re-lives a terrifying encounter with a dog walker in a swanky Manhattan neighborhood. Scored for tenor, piano, Bb clarinet and double bass.

The Woman in Penthouse A, Music by Martin Hennessy, Libretto by Stephen Kitsakos.
World Premiere. In a European capital, Mrs. Bakshlevi, an international socialite and power broker of Iranian descent, is being interviewed by an unseen journalist. The line between truth and fiction is blurred as she boasts of her skills in manipulating the truth, while simultaneously renouncing those who would put her in prison for fraud. Scored for soprano, Bb clarinet, double bass and digital santoor.

The Other Room, Music by Marisa Michelson, Libretto by Mark Campbell
Premiere – New York City, 2014, in the “Inner Voices” series. A moving, often humorous musical, work celebrating the power of friendship and birth of their activism during the early years of the AIDS crisis. In 1990, in a Manhattan apartment, Lena is in the living room of her friend Steve, painting at an easel to distract her from assisting in his suicide. Steve is seriously ill and occupying the “other room.” Scored for piano, cello and digital electronics.

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