See Where the Magic Happens during Artist Studio Tours

On Saturday, March 16, from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m., the annual Artist Studio Tours, presented by The Studios of Key West, will highlight several creative arts spaces and studios in the Bahama Village area. Tickets for the self-guided tour are now on sale at, and offer a one-of-a-kind peek into workspaces of several Key West artists.

From hidden alleys to quaint lanes and lush backyards, ticket holders will get a chance to peer into art spaces tucked away in the historic Bahama Village neighborhood. Visitors can explore backyard studios, meticulously curated workshops and everything in between.

“This year’s tour is bigger and better than ever,” said organizer Elena Devers. “We’re thrilled to feature David Wegman and other artists at the renowned ‘Chicken Preserve.’ The tours also will feature Emanuel Jefferson’s vibrant paintings, master goldsmith Philippe Spencer’s awe-inspiring home studio where exquisite gold jewelry is crafted, John Martini’s mesmerizing sculptures, Carol Munder’s haunting photogravures, Carrie Disrud’s lively paintings on display in her garden sanctuary and Loren Ilvedson’s dual talent as both artist and musician.”

A must-see stop on this year’s tour is the home goldsmithing studio of Philippe Compagnon and Spencer Krenke, located on Chapman Lane. In an age where mass production and automation dominate the industry, Philippe and Spencer stand out as staunch advocates of authentic craftsmanship. Their passion for the artistry of ancient jewelry led them on a journey to study metallurgy and metalsmithing in New York City, and the establishment of their own studio.

Another highlight is the home of artist Carrie Disrud, her husband Tom Joris and their son, Rennie Disrud Joris. Longtime Key Westers who established Kalypso Gallery many years ago, they’ve lived in their home, which is a quintessential representation of old Key West architecture, for 44 years. While there’s no air conditioning, the design is intended to catch the breeze and the backyard features a breathtaking garden retreat.

“There will be lots of treats for ticket holders, including live music at the Chicken Preserve and goldsmithing demonstrations. And the best part?” Devers continued. “With all the stops so close together, it’s easy to walk or bike among them.”

Advance tickets are $30/$25 ($30 day of) and can be purchased at Day of tickets are available for purchase at Stop #1: 628 Mickens Lane, or 812 Emma Street.For more info, visit or call 305-296-0458.