Would you like to propose an exhibition at The Studios?

We are currently accepting proposals for the 2024/25 season and beyond. Please be aware that no determination will be made on proposals until Summer 2024.

Please use this link to submit your proposal.

Deadline: June 12, 2024.

With four distinct exhibition spaces: Sanger Gallery, XOJ Gallery, Zabar Project Gallery and Zabar Lobby Gallery, The Studios presents just under 30 exhibitions each year across the three floors of our landmark art deco building at 533 Eaton Street in Key West, Florida.

Our goals for the exhibitions program at The Studios are to support artists producing excellent work, to foster a vibrant arts community in Key West, and to spark meaningful conversations. We present local, national and international artists, but generally only living ones. Although work can be (and typically is) for sale, it is not a requirement, and our commercial goals are secondary. We encourage proposals for exhibitions that might not otherwise find a venue in Key West, and/or address themes that resonate particularly in our island home.

The curator/artist proposing the exhibition is encouraged to view gallery specifications and see the space during gallery hours in order to tailor their proposal to the space.

Depending on the month, exhibitions can run from 3-4 weeks. New exhibitions open on the first Thursday of each month, and run through the last Thursday of that same month.

Please note: There is typically a high level of competition for the Sanger Gallery, particularly in-season. These slots typically are filled by mid-career artists or curated group shows. In general, for all the galleries, there is more competition for in-season slots (January-April). Please keep this in mind when submitting your proposal.

Submissions are accepted through There is no fee to submit a proposal. Please see a preview of required proposal information below and click on the teal button when you are ready to submit a proposal.

Exhibit Proposal Details


  • Please include a suggested title for your exhibition.
  • Are you proposing this exhibition for a specific gallery? If so, which one?
  • Describe the exhibition you are proposing. What does the work that audiences will see look like? If it is current work, does it represent a departure from other work that the artist(s) have done? Is there an overarching theme or concept? Text field is limited to 2000 characters.
  • The (approximate) number and composition of artworks or installation materials.
  • Dates the works are available for exhibition at The Studios.
  • Gallerist or representative, if applicable.
  • Any special equipment or other requirements?
  • Would you also like to propose a supplementary public program, presentation, or artist talk?
  • Indicate whether the accompanying images are images you are proposing for the exhibition, or are representative images only.




  • Please attach up to 9 images in support of your proposal. 




  • You may also include a resume in support of your proposal (this step is optional).


Gallery Spaces

Contemporary wood art on display in gallery

Sanger Gallery

101 portraits on display in a gallery

XOJ Gallery

Artwork on display in a gallery

Zabar Project Gallery

Artwork on display in a gallery

Zabar Lobby Gallery