Open to Monroe County kids & teens only.

Robert Frost Poetry Contest for kids (6-12) and teens (13-18) animation

Congratulations to the winners of the 2021 poetry contest! Read the entries below.

1st: Abbi Parker, age 10. Erasure poem “Last Year”
2nd: Elizabeth Marie Capote-Abreu, age 8. “The Forest”
3rd: Alivia Smith, age 10. “Gone and Alone”

Honorable mentions:
Mark Capote Abreu, age 12. “Nature Calls for Everyone”
Tessa Dickstein, age 10. “Life Doesn’t Frighten Me At All”
Samuel Scepka, age 11. “Land of the Free”

1st: Antonio S. Gomez, age 14. “An Alphabetical, Sesquipedalianism Approach to the Nature of Poetry and Prose”
2nd: Brielle Stokes, age 18. “Ode to Spanish Needles”
3rd: Neslo Atilla, age 14. “The Tale of Orpheus”

Honorable mentions:
Dorcelie Juste, age 13. “Dear Racism”
Angelina Lilly Pegues, age 13. “One of Us”
Kieran Smith, age 13. “Our Earth”

In celebration of National Poetry Month in April, and Robert Frost (1874-1963), The Studios is delighted to host the Annual Children and Teen Poetry Contest each year. National Poetry Month is a worldwide celebration that highlights poetry’s vital place in our culture. The Florida Keys have a special connection with Robert Frost, who won four Pulitzer Prizes for his poetry, and wintered many years at the garden cottage of the Heritage House in Key West.

Six awards (1st, 2nd & 3rd place & three honorable mentions) will be presented in each age group. Winners will be recognized with cash awards (First Place $150; Second Place $75; Third Place $50) at an online ceremony on June 5 at 1pm

Made possible by the Jeane and Jessie Porter Memorial Fund

You can write about nature, time travel, opposites, or anything at all!
Need a little inspiration? Key West Poet Laureate (2017) Flower Conroy offers some creative prompts that will help get the ideas flowing in the video above.

Three cash prizes in two categories! Kids 6-12 & Teens 13-18.

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