Judi Bradford

Judi grew up in Ohio and Florida, took an arts degree in North Carolina and ended up in Key West where she has worked as an artist since the 1970s.  She did graphic illustration and also had a thriving soft sculpture studio called Lizard Licks in the ’80s, shipping her designs — wholesale, retail and custom —  to five continents.

She has taught drawing and painting at all the museums in Key West and numerous schools, colleges and private lessons throught the Eastern seaboard. She now teaches drawing at The Studios of Key West.

She delights in charcoal drawing with a “burned stick, a dollop of rubber and a rolled paper stump” (vine charcoal, a kneaded eraser and a blending stick.) These three simple and historic tools produce soft shades of dark and light capable of creating an almost three-dimensional form.  Her second favorite tool is a Bic 0.7 mm mechanical pencil, and more recently, digital “finger” paintings on her Ipad.

She also designs one-of-a-kind fascinator hats that have proven extremely popular in Key West.  The hats were juried into the prestigious American Craft Festival at Lincoln Center, New York in June of 2013.

From left: 2 fascinators by Judi Bradford. Last image: Judi Bradford “Photo by Sheelman Photography”

The Studios of Key West