ARTIST TALK, Florida Bay Forever Editor Dan Burkhardt


“My wife, Connie, and I have a home on Florida Bay in the Keys. Through our work with the Everglades Foundation, we have learned that when we’re fishing or toasting to a sunset in Key Largo or Islamorada… or turning on the tap in Marathon or Key West… we should thank the Everglades for the gift of water flowing to the Keys. The Everglades and the bay can’t save themselves. That’s why we are grateful for the work of all of the groups featured in this book.”

-Dan Burkhardt, Islamorada, The Florida Keys

Dan Burkhardt and his wife Connie have spent time in the Upper Keys since 1994. Like many before them, they were drawn to the idyllic waters of Florida Bay and the swampy Everglades that feed the Bay.

After a career in Investment Banking Burkhardt now has a second career in
conservation – both in Florida and the Everglades and his home state, Missouri, where he is a trustee of the Missouri Botanical Garden.

Burkhardt is also a farmer and vineyard owner in Missouri and has started a variety of conservation organizations there to connect land and water conservation to local food production. During winter months, both he and Connie support the work of the Everglades Foundation and the Foundation’s efforts to protect the water supply of south Florida and the Keys.

ARTIST TALK, Florida Bay Forever Editor Dan Burkhardt

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If you love the Florida Keys for sport fishing, diving, boating, seafood or sunsets, you know the magic of Florida Bay. Tourists from around the world and residents of South Florida cherish the bay for its scenic beauty. This valuable and vulnerable resource is home to remarkable birds, fish and other sea life, and depends upon the quantity and quality of water flowing through the Everglades for its health. The incredible beauty of Florida Bay is apparent to all of us.

What is less obvious is the decades-long, behind-the-scenes effort of dozens of conservation groups to restore the Everglades and improve Florida Bay.

Founded in 1994 by two conservationists who lived on and fished in Florida Bay, the Everglades Foundation strives to improve water quality for everyone in South Florida. The Foundation’s 20th anniversary is a perfect time to celebrate everything they have accomplished, as well as the work of other conservation groups large and small throughout the Florida Keys.

Florida Bay Forever: A Story of Water from the Everglades to the Keys is a 9×12-inch hard bound, with 192 full-color pages and features images from photographers across Florida. Produced and edited by Dan Burkhardt, who lives part-time in Islamorada on Florida Bay. Features breathtaking images from some of the region’s most renowned photographers, including: Alejandro Borgese, Will Benson, Clyde Butcher, Brian F. Call, Fran Carlisle, Pat Ford, Stephen Frink, Tim Grollimund, Jessica Hodder, Flex Maslin, Paul Marcellini, Misha McRae, Rob O’ Neal, Tim Rahn, Ross Reeder, Collin Ross, Mac Stone, Carton Ward Jr., and others, plus the artwork of Wyland and Bryan Haynes.