FISH OUTTA WATER, Sean Callahan & Garin Wolf

Sponsored by Historic Hideaways

Key West watercolor artist Sean Callahan and 4-time Emmy Award winning writer Garin Wolf join forces for a unique assemblage of images and words. Fish Outta Water is a Southernmost tale of a haunted woman cast adrift by a tortured past, a decades-old story of deception and murder unraveled character by character at a most unconventional cocktail party.  Callahan’s surreal portraits capture the story’s characters, while Wolf’s written excerpts provide clues to the mystery.

There will be a special event at the closing date of the exhibit, a costumed cocktail party where attendees will find themselves a part of the actual conclusion of the novel!

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Opening Reception:

Thu Feb 2, 6 – 8pm

Gallery Hours:

Tue – Sat

10am – 4pm


533 Eaton Street


Sean Callahan