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February 5, 2024 / Media Mention

Every island unique: Five one-of-a-kind adventures in the Florida Keys

A great place to begin accessing Key West’s unique character is at The Studios of Key West, a nonprofit arts center that showcases artist studios scattered throughout three floors. Come around to learn more about the island’s arts, or for regular performances, readings, etc.

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February 15, 2024 / Media Mention

Lauren P. McAloon’s New Exhibit Might Be One of Her Biggest

There is a certain technical standard and expectation that goes along with any presentation by artist Lauren P. McAloon.

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February 15, 2024 / Media Mention

Goldsmiths and Cigar Houses feature at The Artist Studio Tours

Old Town is heavy on the creative spaces for The Studios of Key West’s Annual Artist Studios Tours. These self-guided experiences offer viewers the chance to look behind the scenes at the homes and workplaces of artists you’ll already know or want to meet.

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February 14, 2023 / Media Mention

SEE JANE RUN Onstage at The Studios of Key West

It’s February 2023 and our three “Janes” have been running through their lives, until they stepped onto the stage of the Studios of Key West to ask, “Now

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February 3, 2022 / Media Mention

Welcome to Judy Blume’s Key West—The Boston Globe

I was never drawn to Key West. It’s always struck me as a place to enjoy margarita-fueled nightlife or relax by a pool, two things I’m bad at doing, even when it’s not a pandemic. But I was desperate to visit the bookstore cofounded by Judy Blume, which happens to be in Key West. I’d heard her store — Books & Books @ The Studios of Key West — was delightful, and that sometimes Blume herself could be seen working the floor, hand-selling books to starstruck patrons.

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January 6, 2021 / Media Mentions

In the News: Lena Hall and Michael C. Hall to Salute David Bowie, Michael Urie and Ann Harada Tapped for Smithtown, More—Playbill

Michael Urie, Ann Harada, Colby Lewis and Constance Shulman will star in the new play Smithtown, by Drew Larimore for The Studios of Key West. The comedy is a series of four interconnected monologues that highlight the ways we communicate, or miscommunicate, in a digital era.

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December 11, 2015 / Media Mention

Why Key West is Florida’s Best Art and Culture Destination—The Culture Trip

Key West has a long history of attracting creative minds, who are enticed by its unique blend of subtropical beauty, non-conforming locals and Caribbean influences. Today’s enthusiasts can enjoy an eclectic mix of galleries, museums, theatre productions and arts festivals as Key West strives to retain its cultural identity for future generations.

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January 10, 2019 / Media Mention

Start the Year Writing: These 12 Residencies Provide Plenty of Space and Inspiration—PR Newswire

You might already know about the 50-plus residency programs offered by the National Park Service. We’ve uncovered a new set of a programs that might inspire you to finally push that book — or other written masterpiece — out of your head.

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May 3, 2016 / Media Mention

Top Ten Things to Do in Key West—AZ News

As the final stop on the Overseas Highway spanning 113 miles and 42 bridges through the Florida Keys, the culturally significant town of Key West brings travelers to the Southernmost tip of the United States. The entire island is only 2-by-4 miles, yet is packed with dozens of enticing activities. Getting around is the easy part; deciding what to place on your Top 10 gotta-do list takes some real consideration.

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May 5, 2019 / Media Mention

Why Not Consider a Residency in the Tropics?—Vasari 21

Key West is a town unlike any other in Florida, an island city that marks the southernmost point in the United States. A stone’s throw from Cuba, it’s the end destination of U.S. Route 1, the longest north-south road in the country—a gorgeous drive from Miami but also easily accessible via major airlines.

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