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On Display Feb 2 - 24

Fish Outta Water: Sean Callahan & Garin Wolf

Key West watercolor artist Sean Callahan and 4-time Emmy Award winning writer Garin Wolf join forces for a unique assemblage of images and words. Fish Outta Water is a Southernmost tale of a haunted woman cast adrift by a tortured past, a decades-old story of deception and murder unraveled character by character at a most unconventional cocktail party. Callahan’s surreal portraits capture the story’s characters, while Wolf’s written excerpts provide clues to the mystery.

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On view Jan 5 - 26

Thousand Words: Curt Richter

Since its inception 35 years ago, writers and lovers of language from around the world have flocked to the Key West Literary Seminar like the swallows of Capistrano. In a series of elegant black and white portraits, photographer Curt Richter has captured this fleeting yet persistent community. Famous writers are to be seen, yes – Margaret Atwood, William Gibson, Calvin Trillin, the list goes on – but also the volunteers, attendees and contract workers who play their role as well.

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