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Look Upwards, to the Sky, Members’ Exhibition

As we prepare for our final push to burst through the roof – and build our long-awaited roof terrace here at The Studios – we find ourselves looking upward quite a bit lately. Whether it’s the endless blue of an ocean-colored tropical sky, the stars overhead as you bicycle home at night, or a spontaneous rainbow after a mid-afternoon shower, we invite artists to consider the simple act of looking up as metaphor for a future filled with creative possibility.

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Nutcracker Key West, 12 local artists

Sculptor Tom Jorris cast 12 plaster Conch Nutcrackers from the original mold of the nutcracker used in the production Nutcracker Key West. These nutcrackers inspired local artists and artisans who have embellished, painted, and re-imagined them to create one-of-a-kind works of art.

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Color is the Muse, Marge Holtz

Marge Holtz describes herself as a maker, intrigued by a spectrum of media. Holtz draws inspiration from the design process and the tactile sensation of fabric, creating art quilts that serve as love letters to color.

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Heads Up Key West, Tom Flip

Thomas Filipkowski revisits his popular 2013 project, Heads Up Key West in which he photographed 600 faces from the community. Then and Now illuminates the changes caused by  time and circumstance, providing a clear-eyed look at ordinary people coping with the reality of what it means to live in paradise.

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