Mon Dec 19, 6PM

Ted Talk: “FBI Here I Am!” with Hasan Elahi

In 2002, American artist Hasan Elahi’s name was added (by mistake) to the US government’s watch list. Elahi was cleared of suspicions but advised to keep the FBI informed of his whereabouts. Which he did, fully, by opening up just about every aspect of his life to the public.

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Fri Dec 9, 8PM


Pictures tell stories. Stories paint pictures. In between is this thing artists try to get at. Slideshow takes live-without-a-net readings and combines them with carefully-curated projected images. It’s a merging of two disparate creative processes.

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Wed Oct 19, 7PM

Changing Seas, with Gabrielle Teschner

One part performance, one part artist talk, one part environmental awakening.

Teschner will introduce Key West to her work through a lively narrative event in which she combines digital projections and poetic text to explore our changing seas.

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