WED APR 5, 2023, 5PM/EVENT

Threads of Humanity with Andrea Varga

Explore our intimate relationship with the fibers used in our clothing, home goods, and many items that make human life possible – taking steps toward a new, healthier and regenerative apparel system inspired by our pre-industrial past.

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American landscape painting with tree and bushes in the foregrund and a winding river in the background.

FRI APR 7, 2023, 4-5:30PM/EVENT

The Hudson River School of American Landscape Painting

This illustrated lecture serves as an introduction to the Hudson River School, a group of nineteenth-century American landscape painters, and by extension, the larger movement of Romanticism that exalted natural scenes as a response to the Industrial Revolution. Kerry Carso will examine the contrast of technological progress and the lure of nature.

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Black and white photograph of Ernest Hemingway rubbing alcohol on his chin by Robert Capa

THU APR 6, 2023, 4-5:30PM/EVENT

Robert Capa and the Hemingway Image

Brian Carso explores the complicated relationship between preeminent war photographer Robert Capa and Ernest Hemingway, whom he met during the Spanish Civil War. Carso’s illustrated lecture offers compelling insights into the creation of the Hemingway image—both the recognizable pictorial image and the hyper-masculine reputation that informs the popular conception of Hemingway.

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Details coming soon!

Preseason + Season 2021

We’re currently planning an exciting preseason and season of events, workshops and exhibitions and can’t wait to share it with you!

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