Sculpture, Photo and Mixed Media

Sat Jul 28, 10AM - 1PM

Papercut Artwork with Annie Howe

Join master papercut artist Annie Howe for a fun and hands on intro to Papercutting Workshop. In this two hour workshop you will learn the basics about papercutting and how to create your very own custom papercuts. Workshop participants will leave with at least one finished papercut and a the know how to continue papercutting at home!

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Sun Jul 1, 10AM - 1PM

Visual Storytelling with Sabrina Marques

Marques leads participants through a four-stage psychoanalytic exercise based on Jung’s theory of active imagination. Tap into your imagination as Marques walks you through rendering your ideas into visual art.

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Sat Apr 14, 1 - 3:30PM

Mala Making with Karen Moore

Get creative and meditative. Make your own strand of mala beads.

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Sat Apr 7, 10AM - 4PM

Woodcut Relief with Wayne Garcia

This workshop opens a very unique opportunity to learn the basics of creating your own woodcut relief by an artist, who is not only familiar with the technique, but also the Key West stories that are told through each piece.

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Thu & Fri Apr 5 & 6, 1 - 3PM

Storytelling and Media Production with Justin Lubke

Lean how the technical elements of media production combine with the conceptual work of storytelling.

How do our stories and myths shape our world? Explore how media of different forms can influence those stories.

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Wed, Thu, Fri & Mon Apr 4, 5, 6 & 9, 10AM - 2PM

Glass Casting with Cheryl Wilson-Smith

A rare opportunity to try your hand at larger scale glass work.

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Sat & Sun Mar 23 & 24, 12 - 5PM

Nature Printing with Dawn WIlkins

Record your world with a naturalist’s eye and an artist’s touch.

An island favorite, Dawn Wilkins’ work takes its inspiration from the beaches, reefs, and gardens around the Keys. She creates her elegant pieces by printing directly from nature, pulling prints from leaves, coral and other natural objects. Wilkins teaches students to record their world as naturalists, but with an artist’s eye and a touch of a whimsy.

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Thu & Fri Mar 8 & 9, 9AM - 4PM

Mixed Media with Jean Pederson

Students will investigate the many options presented for layering in mixed media.
Concepts such a s transparency, opacity, viscosity and surface quality will be discussed while exploring several painting techniques.

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Thu & Fri, Mar 8 & 9, 10AM - 1PM

iPhoneography with Shirley Drevich

As most people with a smart phone in their pocket have come to realize, there’s a world of possibility within that little package. Drevich, who has gained national attention and numerous awards for her work, shows users how to tap into their camera’s full potential as a strong creative tool.

iPhone Familiarity encouraged*

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Thu - Sun Feb 22 - 25, 10AM - 12PM Then 1- 4PM

Aesop’s Fables in Stained Glass with Joseph Cavalieri

Techniques learned include painting, airbrushing, and pen and ink drawing with enamels. The glass is kiln fired to make the enamel ink permanent on the glass surface, then soldered together. We will also be making and printing an easy silkscreen, using your own drawing or a found image. The possibilities are endless!

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