Creative and Professional Development

Sat Nov 18, 10AM - 1PM

Artisan Soapmaking with Angela Berube Gray

In Artisan Soapmaking, there are three main methods used – Melt & Pour, Cold Process or Hot Process.  In this class, we will be learning about Melt & Pour and Cold Process soapmaking techniques.  

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A series of workshops throughout the school year

Creative Minds: Art Exploration Workshop for Young Adults (ages 10-14)

“Creative Minds: Art Exploration Workshop”  will be a once a month art based workshop for young adults ages 10-14. Young artists will learn about styles, techniques and history of the chosen art based theme (each month will have a different theme) of the workshop. They will then create art pieces that correspond with the workshop theme.

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Wed Aug 23, 5PM

Radio Sound Effects Workshop with WLRN

ARNTP will host a sound effects workshop on Wednesday, August 23 at 5 PM at the Studios of Key West. Members of the cast and crew of Key Largo will show what it takes to bring a radio play to life.

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The Studios of Key West