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Artist Statement


In one of her latest series of photographic assemblages called “Being Shore to Ocean”, visual artist Anja Marais celebrates the idea of devotion, specifically to our individual journeys. Her mixed media layered photography, sculpture and video work engage with personal life experience and the human spirit. Mysterious females appear in dreamlike landscapes, and emerge in the form of sculptures which provide a more tangible presence. Primal forces operating in a timeless realm are manifested in her symbolic imagery.

“Being Shore to Ocean” is inspired by the words of Robert Frost where he speaks of true devotion as an ocean, a vast cyclical body of water that touches the shore in perpetual motion – an infinite number of devout acts. Persisting in our journeys our repetitive steps will beat an ambulatory crescendo towards our destination. Devotion to our paths are followed with love but love is not always returned and knowing this we still keep coming back to the shore, trial after trial. Marais through her body of work explores her fascination with human dedication and their display of regeneration, persistence and ritual.

Anja Marais is a South African native and currently lives and works in South Florida, her art is exhibited and collected internationally. She has been awarded both the South Florida Cultural Consortium and the Florida Division of Cultural Affair Fellowships and has been selected for Art Residencies in, Japan, Korea, Russia, Finland and the US.