Artwork of a deer with a green grass background

Artist Talk: Deer Humans, Lisa D. Watson

Free & open to the public

Approximately 100 Key Deer were hurt or killed by cars last year, and are further threatened by loss of habitat, hurricanes, Screwworm disease, and weakening of the Endangered Species Act. Watson has taken their plight to heart, with a series of work made from reclaimed materials depicting the Keys’ native deer and wildscapes.

Watson will be joined by a representative from the National Key Deer Refuge/Florida Keys National Wildlife Refuges to lead a talk about the deer’s struggles and her use of reclaimed materials in this latest series of work.

20% of sales from Deer Humans, will be donated to the Florida Keys Wildlife Society.

Lisa D. Watson is a Georgia based artist and garden designer whose environmental and social concerns are expressed in each project. Her artwork contains 90% reclaimed material such as paper products, metal, industrial wood, produce netting and more. She has used recycled objects as her medium for over 25 years and continually works towards a fully sustainable practice. Her company, Plan It Green Design, LLC consults clients with native and drought tolerant garden design.

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