Explore! Winter Members’ Exhibition

Members share work that captures the wonder of discovery, the quiet thrill of being a bit lost, or simply trying something they’ve never done before.

Vulnerability and Resilience, Regina Jestrow

Jestrow connects to a larger tradition of American women quilters and feminist practice, using art quilts as powerful tools for economic survival and social resistance.

Beneath the Surface, Matthew Stratton and Tamara Alvarez

Architect Matthew Stratton and photographer Tamara Alvarez document more than just a construction project: evidence of forgotten spaces, decorative and structural details, and other uncovered secrets.

The State of Our Nature, Kristen Grace and Heather Dewar

Photographs, objects, and stories from the Florida Museum of Natural History’s permanent collection highlight the importance of conserving Florida’s heritage in a state of environmental change.

It’s in the Bag! Kevin Assam + others

Writer Kevin Assam asked Key West artists to reimagine the “bags and baggage” they have schlepped, constructed, and embedded in their daily lives.

From the Inside Out, Roberta B. Marks

Drawing on jer astounding collection of antique ephemera, paired with carefully constructed abstracted forms, Marks comments on the unspoken vagueness of life and learning to practice patience.

Faces of Old Key West 1918, Richard McGarry

A collection of portrait paintings and personal histories of ordinary and mostly forgotten Key West men and women of a hundred years ago, based on their World War I Navy waterfront pass photos.

Key West Reflections, Mary Jean Connors

Connors’ oil paintings capture the feel of Key West through the moments she glimpses: people at the corner ice cream joint; angels at the cemetery; bikes, boats, dogs and their walkers; palms, bananas, pools and patios.

Anne McKee Auction

The Anne McKee Artists Fund is dedicated to the concept of “artists helping artists”. Preview a number of works by well-known local artists, and be sure to attend the auction on February 9!

Happy? Dan Bar

At first glance, the canvases are filled with what appear to be brightly colored shapes. Upon further inspection we notice cartoon-like creatures, in constant pursuit of each other.

Gone Fishin’, Dave Dunn

Dunn invests his metal constructions with whimsy and primordial mystery using repurposed tools, found metal pieces or modern steel implements.

Magic Tree House Book Series, Salvatore Murdocca

Dive back into the time-traveling adventures in the “Magic Tree House” book series through the original sketches by Sal Murdocca in all their vivid detail.

Vessel Series: I’MMIGRATION, Lauren P. McAloon

McAloon is known for her exquisitely balanced compositions using found materials, wood, metal and ceramics. The abstracted shapes of boats are a recurring theme, evoking the near universality of immigration stories and a scorching critique of historical and contemporary politics.

The Back, Lynn Retson

Retson’s richly-hued black and white figure drawings offer up an unexpected perspective, capturing her subjects from behind and serving up reminders of how the bodies we think we know can still surprise us.

Neon Pastoral, Valerie Perreault

Drawing on the language of geometric abstraction, Perreault weaves fragments of her life experiences into a story through painting, cutting and layering textured paper and canvas.

Alternating Currents, John Black

With the perspective of a young Black man in America, John’s charged, abstract artworks have developed into a coded language that relays energy and emotion as a way to connect the self with ancestral energy.

Spots & Dots: A Study of Color and Shapes, May Sands Montessori

The K-8 students of May Sands Montessori School use 2-dimensional dots and 3-dimensional orbs and balls to create a sensory installation inspired by Yayoi Kusama.

Old Town Revival, Andy Thurber and Sean P. Dwyer

Beloved Conch artist Andy Thurber and relative newcomer Sean Dwyer employ their distinct styles for an exhibit of local scenes that’s dripping with color and charm.

Florida Room, Anthony Mancuso

Mancuso focuses on how domestic spaces fit into Florida’s light and landscape, distorting and rendering them with unnatural color to convey the psychological experience of the Sunshine State.

Intricate Emotion, Chelsi Smith

Smith’s silkscreens begin with photographs of the human face, abstracting the images with paint and gilding to evoke the complexity and universality of human emotion.

Immersed, Implanted, and Submerged, Renee Lai

A multimedia artist and endurance swimmer, Renee Lai traces her body navigating water onto paintings to evoke where the body meets the world, as a metaphor for boundary blurring.

Mango Madness Annual Members’ Exhibition

Our annual summer exhibition is an expression of gratitude – for the artists that inspire us, and for the island that inspires them. That generosity is gloriously embodied in the fruit we love like no other in the Keys. Mangoes fill our trees each spring until they grow pregnant with their weight, thumping to the ground in summer to be gathered, enjoyed and shared with neighbors like golden currency.