The Studios of Key West Shows Works by Christine Fifer (KeysWeekly story)

Painter and sculptor Christine Fifer’s work synthesizes skill, idea and material into fantastic creations. More broadly known for her extravagant costume-making, Fifer channels the same luxuriant energy and artistry into her exhibited work.

“A Novel Idea,” a collection of Fifer’s best and most innovative work, is on display at The Studios of Key West Jan. 7-28.

“A Novel Idea” embodies storytelling and features Fifer’s more recognizable book paintings. Since the beginning of her career, she has used the canvas like a library of sorts, painting realistic stacks of books that converge on a symbolic theme. The novels balance nicely with quirky things like prayer cards, animals, timepieces and even lily pads. Illustrated with an intense nod to realism, there are also subtle surrealist tones as Fifer mixes and matches the unusual. The overall effect is the figurative discovery of meanings and messages. It’s a visual treasure trove she concocts just for the viewer.