HOMESICK, Film Screening with Jim & Joanne Savio

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Home Sick is the result of a two-year working and research collaboration between Jim and Joanne Savio. It is both a memoir, and a transnational glimpse at what home means. It is not meant to answer the question: What is home? Rather, it hopes to instill a sense of curiosity and contemplation in the audience. It is deeply personal, and at the same time, it’s about everyone.

Interviewing a wide swath of people from the Middle East, and from around the globe, it took them back to Lebanon and the ancestral villages of Amoiun and Zhale, where Joanne’s mother and grand parents were born.

The project takes the shape of a short experimental documentary film, and integrates written text, music, still images, video, archival super-8 footage, formal and informal interviews, soundscapes, animation, and voice over to create a narrative that sits close the heart of what it means to be human – our longing for home.

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