Writing to Heal in Turbulent Times with Nadine Pineade

In a world where trauma and stress can feel overwhelming, and where many of us are burdened with compassion fatigue, how do we rekindle hope? Drawing upon writing, meditation, and poetry can help us embrace the present moment with courage to better care for others and ourselves.

This two-part workshop will explore how you can integrate writing from the heart with contemplative practice to cultivate your own path for authentic hope and renew your capacity to respond to life’s challenges.

Please bring a yoga mat or towel, plus 3 poems (less than 1 page each), not your own, which you particularly admire.

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Class Price:

$70/55 mbrs


Sat & Sun

Jan 7 & 8, 10AM – 12:30PM


533 Eaton Street

The Studios of Key West