Thanks to Patron Janet Hinkle ‘TSKW Space 2’ is Born

It’s always great to hear from students and visitors who’ve had a special experience at the Armory – whether they’ve discovered the work of a new artist, gotten involved in an exciting project, or simply learned a new creative technique.

So we were thrilled when TSKW Patron Janet Hinkle told us how much she’d enjoyed and learned from the twelve weeks she spent recently in Roberta Marks’ Abstract Painting Seminar.

Janet Hinkle

But imagine our surprise when Janet went above and beyond simple praise and said she wanted to do something special for TSKW –  to work with us to find the perfect way to show her appreciation for an organization that has come to mean mean so much to her.

Once we managed to contain our delight, we got to work figuring out just what type of project could help TSKW most.  It wasn’t hard to decide – for some time now we’ve known that enhancing the second floor of the Armory would expand our ability to show local and visiting artists’ work and would help the organization tremendously.

TSKW Director Jay Scott worked with Janet, studio artist Debra Yates, and Facilities Coordinator Lauren McAloon to create a plan for the second floor.  Plans were laid, the walls were painted, gallery lighting was hung, a special system for hanging art was installed, and in no time at all – TSKW Space 2 was born.

Part of the makeover included replacing all the doors which weren’t historic with beautiful glass-paned wooden doors, so now visitors to the second floor will be able to catch a glimpse into the artist studios anytime.

The first exhibition at TSKW Space 2 will be a show of the work of Rick Worth’s Painting Boot Camp students.  The public is invited to check out the student show, and have a look at our new look on June 17 from 6 to 9 pm at Walk on White.

TSKW board and staff are sincerely grateful to Janet for her wonderful gift.

She shared a few of her thoughts about TSKW below…

I come from Tallahassee. A few years ago I served as co-chair of a city/county task force charged with the task of developing a cultural plan for our community. One of our primary suggestions was building and developing a center for the creation of art.  This came from my experience as Chair of our local Shakespeare Festival where we struggled every year to find rehearsal space our our actors. When I moved to Key West, I was thrilled to discover that this art loving community had already seen the wisdom of such a center.  I was fortunate to become a student of Roberta Marks this winter.  I had never picked up a brush and yet I fortunately found myself in the company of a gifted and gentle teacher who met me at my level and a group of talented and supportive Key West artists who taught me through their work. The Studios of Key West is a treasure. I wanted instantly to do something to support the efforts of Jay and his talented staff.  Space 2 at TSKW seemed to be a perfect way to help further its mission.  I look forward to spending many more hours at TSKW – as a student and volunteer.   — Janet Hinkle

TSKW would also like to thank Debra Yates, Premier Painting, Benson Electric, Strunk Ace Hardware and Manley DeBoer, and Marky Pierson for their contributions to making the second floor look so wonderful!

The Studios of Key West