William Bennett’s ‘Anchor to the Stars’ Installed in Sculpture Garden

“Anchor to the Stars” – Now on view in the TSKW Sculpture and Nature Garden
William Bennett
Laminated marble, soapstone, and steel on copper clad wood base

“Anchor to the Stars” has traveled in space and time and accumulated meaning along the journey.  The material presence, and patterning stems from a trip to Italy and the polychrome Cathedral of Sienna.  Its basic color pallet, white, black, with touches of Red are a favored triad of colors that appears in all cultures throughout time when something important is at issue.  The form was inspired by a pick ax that I inherited from my grandfather, sitting in the corner of my studio.    I was struck by this tool, which could stand on its own and was composed of a segment of a circle supporting a perfectly vertical radius pointing to the zenith, that point of the sky directly above.  The inspiration for the top most piece was from aboriginal burial poles, often topped by a pair of prongs pointing skyward as well as the great Horn of Knossos from the Minoan culture on Crete.  Its first title was “Stigmata” referring to the multiple images of St. Francis arms spread, looking skyward toward his God.  Stigmata gave way to “Anchor to the Stars” in an attempt to bridge my two current interests in the sea and the Firmament.

Until now, this piece has always been exhibited inside.  I am pleased to exhibit it in the “frost free” environment of Key West out where it finds a place within the wonderful TSKW garden with a clear view of the firmament above.

– William Bennett

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