What TSKW Means to Me – A Few Quotes from Members

At The Studios of Key West, we’re working to build a community that holds a little something for everyone.  From concerts and workshops to exhibitions and lectures, we hope you’ve found something that fuels your creative spirit.

So at the end of March, we asked TSKW members to respond to the question…


We’re thrilled to get such a wonderful response from our members – and we’ve published just a few below.

And congratulations to Michele Brunschvig, who’s name was chosen at random from all the people who submitted responses.  Michele won a $100 gift certificate to Flaming Buoy Filet Co., one of TSKW’s season sponsors.


With all the wonderful events TSKW offers what I like personally is the feeling of community I enjoy as soon as I enter it’s doors.

Janet Sneath


We find the Studios a professional and sophisticated location for a wide variety  of art and culture,but what we enjoy most is the lack of stffiness that can often permiate art and cultural organizations.We always feel welcome there.

Clark Luster


……….. Being part of a community of very warm and friendly people.  Enjoying terrific art, educational opportunities, and entertainment.  The positive energy of everyone involved provides a big welcome to very event.  I loved it so much I started volunteering here and it’s become a very important part of my life here in Key West.

Don Bartolone


I began taking classes at the studio with Rick Worth a couple years ago and continued into some workshops with various artists, most recently with Roberta Marks. Because of the studios The Artist within me has been awakened. I have found something in myself that I am very proud of and I have sold my paintings numerous times.I  am passionate about learning more. Just what I needed, a positive addiction. Thank you Studios of Key West!

Captain Karen Luknis


It has helped us feel connected to the community even though we are only there 5 weeks.  This year we were in some of the painting classes and attended the bike auction. Very fun!

Bill Gerhardt
Kathy Hill


A wonderful place for Rick’s Boot Camp where I can shake off the stress of the day and go all out “hut one two!” in art class.

Vicki Gordon


When I moved to Key West in 1978 I thought I had found a perfect community.  It was not too big, not too small, it seemed very racially balanced, we had a roller skating rink, a couple movie theaters, live theatre and music, a bowling alley and putt putt golf.  The community college, a devotion to baseball and the art galleries kept the island from feeling too isolated from the rest of the world.  Jobs were few but the ocean and reef made it all worthwhile.

Things have changed, as they must.  In such a span of time there will always be longings for parts of the past.  The part of the present though, that adds a great deal to our island city, is the organization of TSKW.  The staff and board of directors, with their vision and efforts, have nurtured a garden of growth for so many who call Key West “home”.

Local artists teaching, and learning, and sharing, Artists, musicians and authors brought to our community from all over the world to share their knowledge and experience, A convertible space where excited students drip dye or paint on the floor and captivated audiences are entertained by concerts, and literary lectures that have left me a bit star-struck.    All of these things contribute to a local community meeting hall.

I guess the one last thing I can say about TSKW that makes it as appreciated as it is; Visiting, for whatever event draws one to her doors, becomes a feeling of belonging.  Although the financial contribution is essential to keep this opportunity available, membership actually feels like a “member”-ship.  The exhibits and events held and the classes and exposure offered is not contained in a limited interest of a few individuals.  A genuine effort is constant to provide this field of expression to as many types of people as we are.

Diane Savicky


To me it is a refreshing place, an open house, where it is possible to express and dream one’s best visions in a variety of fields such as painting, sculpting, singing, writing and more.

It is a place of gatherings and meetings with inspiring artists and people from different walks, which is one of the aims of art and one can sense the dedication of those preparing these events.

It opens a realm of possibilities to the student or onlooker, a sense of respite from the outer world and faith that a harmonious present or future can still occur or emerge.

Michele Bruschvig


I feel TSKW makes a contribution to Key West due to the creative gift, contribution to our island and beyond.  It is like the Greek city-state concept “polis”. A crucial element of polis was that the creative culture is instrumental to and indistinguishable from well functioning society in a healthy democracy.  TSKW adds greatly to this dimension for Key West as far as I am concerned.  I love to take part in it!

Peggy Klekner


TSKW means opportunities

– to see something stunning at an exhibition
– to hear something emotional at a concert
– to learn from a lecture
– to taste something terrific at a potluck
– to travel off the rock
– to create something splendid at a workshop
– to explore something different
– to show my work as an artist
– to exchange inspiring ideas
– to be a part of a bigger project
– to touch someones heart and make a friend

Fran Decker

The Studios of Key West