Welcoming a New Batch of Studio Artists


For the past six years The Studios of Key West has been welcoming both aspiring and accomplished writers and artists who enter through our wide-open doors to work on developing their own individual gifts and honing their unique talents.

The Studio Artist Program at TSKW was created to help foster that community by offering not just a place to write, paint, sculpt, photograph, design and imagine new artistic work, but to be a common ground of creative exchange between all those artists working in close proximity.

Communities are built on this–talking, inspiring, and educating each other by being near one other, and that artistic dialogue continues out into the greater creative community that is the very core of what makes Key West the ongoing miracle that it is.

It is with these ideas in mind that we welcome our newest studio artists to the Armory and to 610 Studios. Please join us for the next Walk on White on Thursday, September 20 from 6-9 pm. Stop in, say hello, and welcome them our community.

  • Jessica Argyle, writer – 610 Studios

 Jessica Argyle is a writer from Montreal, Canada. She holds an MA from the Creative Writing program of Concordia University. Jessica states that “great stories have always been my way of making sense of the universe, resolving complex situations. Because I do not trust simple or easy answers, I look behind decisions, answers, and story is my way of turning over the rock.”
Jessica has had many stories published in literary magazines and a collection of short stories (Arrest Me before I write again) published in 2011. She recently won the TSKW Writes of Spring contest and the manuscript has evolved into a novel-in-progress.

  • Christine Fifer, artist – 610 Studios

Born in Monterrey, California, and having traveled extensively, Christine Fifer spent the greater part of her grown up life as a Drawing, Painting, & Art History high school teacher.
As an artist, her work is divided equally between photography & painting. Within her photography, she strives for clean composition, and the chorus that’s created by pattern and repetition. She paints subjects that are humble, shabby, or serene, and simple quiet moments that are often ignored by most passersby. In our fast paced world, she reassures the viewer by finding those moments that don’t make too much noise, but still have an incredible song to sing: songs of fascination, joy, wisdom, or kindness.’

  • Claire Perrault, weaver – Armory

Claire Perrault is a weaver and a printmaker. Before she expanded her practice to include printmaking, Claire Perrault was a weaver for 40 years. Her introduction to weaving began when she was a young girl, and because her mother owned a yarn shop in Massachusetts, she grew up surrounded by the materials she has worked with most of her life. Perrault’s expansion into printmaking began two years ago when her mother gave her some linoleum block and carving tools that she found in her closet.

And Claire would like to put out a personal message – if anyone has a few extra wooden wine crates (the perfect thing to store yarn) she would love it if they called the Armory office at 305-296-0458 to arrange to donate them.

  • Maggie Ruley, painter – Armory

Maggie Ruley is a painter and potter who has been in the Keys since 1985. She is an active member of TSKW and the Key West Art Center.  Her painting style is always evolving, currently it is colorful, direct and expressive.  Her work can be seen at 7 Artists Key West where she is a founding partner.




  • Danette Baso Silvers, stationer and graphic designer, Armory

Danette Baso Silvers is a stationer and graphic designer. As a designer, she is always searching for the perfect font, color pallet, and “feel” for a design.
She is motivated by her love of paper – the texture, color, weight, and the way different types of ink or different printing processes affect the paper.
Danette is a fifth generation Conch who has used her design skills to help many different local organizations, including the Florida Keys Healthy Start Coalition, The Key West High School, and The Studios of Key West. Danette has worked with TSKW over the past 5 years to help design their annual catalog.


  • Jonathan Woods, 610 Studios

Jonathan Woods, a Key West resident, holds degrees from McGill University, New England School of Law and New York University School of Law and for many years practiced law for a multi-national high-tech company. He studied writing at Southern Methodist University and at Bread Loaf, Sewanee, Zoetrope: All-Story and other writers conferences. His collection of noir crime stories Bad Juju & Other Tales of Madness and Mayhem (New Pulp Press: 2010) was a featured book at the 2010 Texas Book Festival and won a 2011 Spinetingler Award for Best Crime Short Story Collection.

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